Visit by Prof Mohammed Zourob of Alfaisal University

170806 2The positive outcome from INFORMM’s successful Molecular Diagnostic and Biomarker Discovery Conference 2017 (MDBD2017) held in May continues with a visit from one of the invited speakers, Prof Mohammed Zourob from Alfaisal University, Riyadh to INFORMM Health Campus, Kelantan.

Prof Zourob’s arrival was warmly welcomed by INFORMM’s Director, Prof Dr. Rahmah Noordin and Deputy Director, Assoc Prof Dr. Aziah Ismail in the early morning of 6th August 2017. The purpose of the visit was to discuss on collaborations and activities that can propel INFORMM’s international visibility.
A very fruitful discussion ensued. A workshop on microfluidics and biosensors was planned, with some details agreed upon. One of INFORMM’s scientists, Dr. Khairul, may have an opportunity to attach at Prof. Zourob’s laboratory for training on aptamer research. Other topics discussed include possible joint research collaborations, joint grant applications and evaluation of diagnostic tests developed.

During the laboratory tour, Prof Zourob was fascinated by the research facilities at INFORMM and may consider sending undergraduate students from Alfaisal University to carry out their final year projects at INFORMM. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two institutions was also discussed. In order to strengthen the collaboration, INFORMM will apply to USM for appointment of Prof Zourob as a visiting Professor. The session was also attended by staff at INFORMM, Health Campus Kelantan.

Author: Dr. Noor Fatmawati Mokhtar.