The Cell Culture Workshop 2018

15th - 16th August 2018, Kubang Kerian - Workshop on Cell Culture: 3D Spheroid, Cell Isolation and Transfection was successfully taking place at INFORMM, USM Health Campus. The workshop was part of INFROMM’s initiatives in promoting home-grown expertise, researches and research facilities. Speakers include Dr. Noor Fatmawati Mokhtar (INFORMM), Dr. Nurul Asma Abdullah (PPSK, USM), Dr. Siti Norasikin Mohd Nafi (PPSP, USM) and Dr. Norhayati Yusop (PPSG, USM). Biomed Global, one of the leading biomedical and life sciences industry brands in Malaysia has been very generous to sponsor some materials for the seminars. 

The workshop was a combination of free seminar and hands-on sessions. The seminars were successfully completed by the experienced speakers covering the introduction to cell culture, contamination, primary vs cell lines, stem cell culture and the magic of transfection. Collectively, 26 participants attended the seminars and all of them expressed excellent satisfaction and gave positive feedback. The integrated learning include hands-on sessions covering 3D spheroid, cell isolation and separation, cell transfection and MTT assay have allowed participants to experience the techniques and apply them within their related research and laboratory activities.

Overall, this year’s workshop was a complete success and have motivated INFORMM to plan and organize a better one next year!

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