Training Schedule

2017 Location Course Title
27 – 28 Aug Health Campus, Kelantan

Cell Culture & Cell-based Assays
Learn how to use cell-based assays and develop 3D cells

11 – 12 Sep Health Campus, Kelantan

Real-Time PCR
Learn the basics of RT-PCR, hands-on preparation and data analysis

16 – 17 Oct Health Campus, Kelantan

Gene Analysis: From Molecular Cloning to Bioinformatics
Learn the techniques of gene cloning and bioinformatics analysis
Registration is open

15 – 16 Nov Main Campus, Penang

Multiplex Real-Time PCR
Learn primer and probe design, data analysis and troubleshooting

20 - 22 Nov Health Campus, Kelantan

Protein Purification
Learn the principles, techniques and optimisation for productive yield
Registration is open

23 - 24 Nov Main Campus, Penang

Analytical Techniques in Antioxidant & Antimicrobial Activity
Learn how to design reliable experiments for manuscript publication

25 Nov Health Campus, Kelantan

Molecular Medicine Young Science Camp
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Open to secondary school level (form 1 to 4) who is interested in science especially in health and biomedicine related field.

12 – 14 Dec Main Campus, Penang

Introduction to Flow Cytometry
Learn by doing: FACS, Fluorescence Assisted Cell Sorting
Registration is open

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