Patent Granted (Year)

1.  DNA sequence encoding the specific antigen of        Salmonella typhi.  Ismail A., M. Ravichandran,          Ong,K.H. and Kader, Z.A.

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2.  Filarial Parasite Polypeptides and Sequences,         Gene Sequences and Uses Thereof. Rahmah, N.

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3.    A Disposable Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Chip and Device.  Asma Ismail, Sugumar Dharmalingam and Kong, Lingxue

Singapore KASS International Application No.200905002-2  (2010)

4.   Oligonucleotides Used For Detecting Vibrio Cholera  And Method of Detecting Therewith. Asma Ismail, Lalitha Pattabiraman, Manickam Ravichandran, Zainul Fadziruddin Zainuddin   

Malaysia: Kass International  (2007)