Focus Areas


Institute for Research in Molecular Medicine (INFORMM) has been at the forefront of translational and multidisciplinary research boldly in infectious diseases since 2003 especially in production of diagnostic kits.

To facilitate INFORMM’s ongoing research expansion by using Blue Ocean Strategies platform in 2013, it has set up three priority research themes or cluster cutting across biomarker discovery and fundamental research which focused on diagnostic for infectious diseasesadvanced research technologies, and cancer research in-order allowing to draw relevant expertise from INFORMM to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Among the first Higher Institution Centre of Excellent (HICoE) emerged in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in 2010, INFORMM has been recognized as USM world class research program focusing on development of technology platforms for diagnostic by adopting the R-D-C-E (Research - Development - Commercialization - Entrepreneurship) concept in its research and innovation where research development and innovation are performed under one roof and to bring the innovation to the market place in a timely manner. The works of INFORMM’s researcher and staff in Typhoid and Filariasis diagnostics were amongst important high profile research contributing to the local (Malaysia) and International recognition.

Research at INFORMM is organized into three research clusters :