Early days

By the year 2001, the multi-disciplinary cluster-based research programme had been spearheaded by 11 main researchers from the Schools of Medical Sciences, Dental Sciences, Health Sciences and MITD located at the USM Health Campus in Kelantan. Although the cluster had established a credible track record in its research outputs, this track record was put to the test when USM decided to audit its research programmes in the year 2001. Under USM’s world class research programme, five senior professors were appointed by the Vice-Chancellor, Dato’ Professor Dzulkifli Abdul Razak, to create a research audit that would benchmark USM’s research programmes against international standards. After a year’s auditing exercise, the medical biotechnology programme was accorded recognition as a world class research programme that had met all the 10 stringent criteria imposed. The programme also satisfied the strict criteria imposed on the formation of a research institute. Hence in 2003, the Institute for Research in Molecular Medicine (INFORMM) was established following a formalised recognition accorded by the University and the Ministry of Higher Education.