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“Postgraduate life in INFORMM is not only about being a postgraduate student, but rather becoming an INFORMMer. As an INFORMMer, rather than restricting one's activities to research, it goes beyond to community engagement, hence, having the feel of family-hood in all ramifications. In terms of research, there are many activities and opportunities to support you financially through fellowships; intellectually to expand the horizon of your knowledge through trainings and student presentations; morally and spiritually through team building activities”. - Jaafar, PhD student


“INFORMM is a research institution that managed to produce excellent students, skilled, high spirit and creative collaboration in the conduct of research. INFORMM provide a conducive and comfortable environment for the students in addition to having adequate research facilities and amenities. therefore, I am proud to be one of the students in INFORMM” . - Nor Amalina Zulkiply, MSc student

Nor Ilyani Mohamed Nazar

"It was such a delightful moment to be in INFORMM and in a way become an INFORMMer. The practice of respectable values is lively exhaled byeach of INFORMMer in every corner of its rooms and labs. Until this very day, the memories of INFORMM always reminded me on the true meaning of perseverance, worth-it hardship, dedicated attitude, knowledgeable wisdom, competency confidence and not to forget the friends in need. Without all those values, surely success is not even a glimpse. Thank you INFORMM..  " - Nor Ilyani Mohd Nazar, PhD student

At INFORMM we have student represetative to help prospective student getting more information about INFORMM.

Student representative at INFORMM Penang:
Michael Law Cheh Tat

Student representative at INFORMM Penang:
Kuah Vee May

Student representative at INFORMM Kelantan:
Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Kamarudin